Where can I ride this bike?

This bike is may be considered a bicycle according to the NZ Land Transport Act 1998 meaning it can be ridden on the road without registration.

Most public land owners allow 300W bicycles (classed as non-motorised) access into their parks. Unlike motocross, its possible to ride your bike to the park, ride your favourite trails and ride home again.

Mountain bike parks are welcoming Supernatural bikes around the country.  You should always obtain approval for access to any area with the land owner and local rules.

What is 'non-motorised'?

300W is within the limits of what is legally described by the NZ Land Transport Act 1998 as a 'non-motorised' vehicle. This level of power is equivalent to a strong rider pedalling hard and constant. A very fit rider could sustain this power with significant effort. 

Don't e-bikes destroy the trails for others?

The power is intended to assist you uphill. Gravity is the power source for speed on these bikes. Trail wear and tear with our bikes are similar and in most cases better than that of traditional bikes because of the ability to deliver smoother power flow that helps maintain traction.

How much power is 300W?

An adult human can deliver this amount with strenuous effort for a short time.

What about higher power options

The power is available in two modes: 300W and high (2400W or 3400W). It is your responsibility to ride within the law of the land at the time you are riding. We believe it is not responsible or respectful to ride any public trail on greater than 300W nominal power.

Always check the land owner rules for any trails you wish to ride and seek approval where required. 

What is the difference between the Ego Rocker and the Double Ego?

The Rocker attaches to strong, world cup proven mountain bikes from selected reputable brands like Specialized, Polygon, Scott and YT.

The Double EGO welds some connection lugs into a frame that a specific bracket system attaches to the motor to the frame.

Both types are able to be removed from the frame in under two minutes, returning the bikes to park free rider or enduro racer.

Why mid drive?

The best ride is achieved by minimising the unsprung weight on the wheels and locating the motor low and centred on the bike frame. Low centre of mass can in some cases improve the original handling characteristics of the bike. Unlike hub powered ebikes, our bike rails corners and rides like it doesn't have a motor.

Why is unsprung weight important?

Minimising the unsprung weight on the wheels gives the rider the smoothest, best handling, most controllable ride possible.

A Supernatural Bike is all about ride quality. We recommend the wheels are as light as we can get them. The top spec Supernatural Bike comes with Enve Carbon fibre wheel sets, tubeless tyres and DVO inverted forks. The ride is direct and responsive.

What Bikes are suitable

EGO have designed brackets to suit a few high performance downhill and free ride bikes. See our gallery of bikes.

Specialised Status

Specialised Demo 8 2011-2014

Specialised Demo 8 2015-

Scott Voltage FR 710

Polygon Collosus DH8

YT Tues

YT Capra

Why the Rocker model?

The Rocker bracket can turn a competition ready and proven performance gravity bike into a superpower with little compromise in handling performance. 

The motor can be removed within two minutes turning the bike back to a pure experience. 

How do I order one?

You can order the motor and bike or motor only if you own a bike on our list. See 'bikes' below 

Simply contact us on our contact page with your motor preference and we can set the wheels in motion. 

Is there a speed limiter?

Yes and no

There are two modes: 300W and higher Power. When in the 300W mode, there is a 25kph cut out. When in the higher power rating the speed limiter is disengaged.

What happens if there is a fault and requires a service?

The motor is brushless and requires almost no maintenance. There is a 12month warranty for the engine.

The bike requires maintenance life any other normal bike that can be undertaken at your local mountain bike shop.


How long does the battery last?

The 13Ah Battery will last approximately 1000m vertical, the 17.5Ah battery will last approximately 1500m vertical and the 20Ah will take you 2000m vertical. Actual distances depend on the weight and physical input of the rider.

You may decide to buy two batteries to extend your session without a recharge.

How long to recharge the battery?

Approx. 1.5 hours.

Why is the battery on your back?

Keeping the battery off the bike reduces the bike weight improving the performance and feel of the bike.

The battery is secured in a backpack specifically designed for mountain biking and independent movement. You quickly forget the you have the battery on your back.

Soft impact pads are installed to the corners of the battery to reduce fall and impact hazard.

Is there any room for other items in the back pack?


There is a specific location for the battery along with many other pockets for other items.

Do I have to use the supplied Evoc bag?


The Evoc bag is selected because of the integrated certified back protector. This gives you additional protection from the battery should you fall.

Is the battery safe?

Our battery is designed in Austria by EGO specifically for their motor. The batteries are assembled in NZ by a specialist battery designer and manufacturer Simpower who has design and build batteries for Google and the NZ military.

The battery is Lithium Manganese. This composition is chosen for the following reasons:

Relatively stable.
High capacity
Long life
Quick recharge time
Ability to discharge high power consistently.