We are a power assisted gravity mountain bike company. We use an EGO custom design bracket to attach the EGO motor to a real world, race ready mountain bike. The electric motor assists you to get more gravity than you ever could before, while maintaining the original handling characteristics of the bike. You can remove the motor from the bike in under two minutes. 

Photogragphy Camilla Stoddart

Photogragphy Camilla Stoddart

Super performance

Undeniably the best downhill experience is to be had on a bike with high performance long travel to suck up the terrain and a strong, stiff frame.

All Supernatural bikes use high performance components that are competition ready. Our motor is supplied by Ego, an Austrian electric motor manufacturer since 2008, specialising in mountain bike technology. They were producing robust, high torque engines specifically for downhill oriented for mountain bikes long before anyone else on the market.

You can now ride this class of gravity bike up trails like the best XC rider on the planet then descend like a downhill or free ride legend.

Super Power

Our motor is available in two modes:

Pedelec 300W for public spaces and throttle controlled 2400 or 3400W for use on private land or areas where rules permit. 

We believe all riders are responsible for riding within the rules and in a safe manner. Always check the rules and gain permission to ride anywhere.

Super FUN 

Riding gravity is freedom. From the top of the hill you can taste the fun ahead of you. Whether it is on snow or dirt the ride down is what its all about.

Get more gravity for your effort. While others struggle to get one downhill out of their energy, you could manage many more in the same time, depending on your ability. 

Super fit

Riding our bike up hill is not a strenuous unpleasant experience. Your heart rate is more likely to be in the fat burning range (120-140bpm) rather than the highly strenuous muscle burning range (160-180bpm) that is usually experienced in a mountain bike ascent. You arrive at the top of the trail warmed up and primed with the energy required to get the most out of the descent. High heart rates can be reserved for the action on the downhill.

A two hour ride will be fitness the whole way, only the enjoyable type.

Shuttle yourself anywhere

Most public land owners allow 300W bicycles (classed as non-motorised) access into their parks. Unlike motocross, its possible to legally ride your bike to the park, ride your favourite trails and ride home again.

Always check your local trail owners for access and rules.

Enjoy conversation on the ride up without getting too puffed. You will likely be able to keep up with your fittest friends on their XC bikes, all the while getting fitter each ride. With less uphill effort and more downhill time the experience is more like skiing or snowboarding with your friends.

Super fast motor removal

Remove the motor in less than 2 minutes to return the bike back to a normal mountain bike to shred the lift serviced bike parks with your mates.

World cup downhill bike for the lift accessed park or your local bike trails.  

Super low maintenance

Our brushless electric motor requires no maintenance. The gear reducer needs a squirt of grease every couple of months.

The drive train has the most wear and tear. Each Supernatural bike comes with an enhanced, heavy duty, e-bike specific drive chain. All other parts are standard bicycle parts that can easily be serviced by your local bike mechanic.

Each bike comes with a 5 year Supernatural Factory Warranty

Super efficient use of time

Sneak an epic ride in at lunch time. Long rides with multiple downhills and significant vertical will take you a fraction of the time it takes you on a conventional mountain bike.